Thursday, October 1, 2009

2009- My Top Favorites- Giveaway!!

I thought that since this is the 1st of October I'd get my FIRST contest up and running..... 4 books, 4 winners!!!!

This giveaway is going to consist of four books I've read over this year-2009- that have been some of MY favorites! What better way to get your favorites and favorite authors out there, then by giving one away?

Here are my four favorite reads so far this year.... In order of most enjoyable for ME...
My favorite read so far this year has been Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson! View my review and book synopsis here.

Lamentation by Ken Scholes is the first book in The Psalms of Isaak series, wonderful read! View Synopsis here.
The Naming is the 1st book of the Pellinor series by Alison Croggon. I loved this whole series! And Guess what? If you happen to have this book and are missing one of the other three, no worries, I'll send you which ever book you are missing....

I just finished reading Pastworld by Ian Beck and I must say it rocked! I haven't read any other books by him before now, but I'm sure to go and find more of his titles now!

To Enter:
US and Canada only- sorry!

All you have to do to enter my giveaway is leave the title of the book you would like to win and your email address so I can contact you.

Extra Entries:
+2 New followers
+3 Old followers
+4 Linking this contest to sidebar, Twitter, blog post. (Include links please!)

This contest will end on Halloween(BOO!) October 31st! I will email the winners (a winner for each book) and they will have 72 hours to contact me with their shipping info or a new winner will be chosen! I wish you all the best of luck!

59 Witty Remarks!:

Alec said...

Ha funny, I was going to start my giveaway of a signed copy of Warbreaker this weekend! Maybe I won't now.... hmmmm

Krista said...

Sorry! That sucks, because I'd love to win a signed copy! I don't have one of those to giveaway....though I wish I did!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Hi there!

I would love to enter for The Naming please!


michwerm (at) gmail (dot) com

David Wagner said...

Warbreaker please!!1!


gimme gimme gimme gimme!

Oh, wait... will saying "gimme gimme" help or hurt my odds?

logankstewart said...

Sweet! I own Warbreaker, but not Lamentation. If you'd like to enter me I'd say thankee.


Kate said...

Wow, you had to post two books that I am dying to read.

I guess enter me for Warbreaker and Pastworld. If I win, you could just surprise me :)

+3 Old followers
+4 Linking this contest to sidebar

Jessica (BookLover) said...

Excellent first giveaway! Please enter me for Warbreaker.

+3 I'm an old follower
+4 Posted on my sidebar

edmontonjb said...

I would like to be entered for The Naming please

Ryan G said...

Since you keep telling me to read Warbreaker i would like to enter that contest.

I'm an old, old follower and I put this on my sidebar.

David Wagner said...

I promise, if I win Warbreaker, I'll then give it away on my blog too! I'm such a copycat... so technically, I'd only be borrowing your copy before it gets to the next owner... then maybe he/she can give it away as well! Read It Forward...

By the way, I mentioned the giveaway on my blog... MUAHAHA!!! gimme gimme gimme gimme....

Alexia561 said...

You're offering such great books that it's hard to choose!

Um....hang on, let me flip a coin...okay, got it..please enter me for Pastworld! :D

I'm a loyal follower, but won't admit to being all that old. *L*


Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

Please include me.
I'm an oldie :)

My choice: Pastworld sounds MEGA intriguing.


Anonymous said...

ooooo!!! I'm going for either Warbreaker or Pastworld either one of the two would be AWESOME!

sensitivemuse at gmail dot com.

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Krista -
You know which on I want :).
I will be back when I link your giveaway in my gotta love giveaways next week.
Aweseome giveaway!

Sarbear said...

This is a cool contest, Krista -- you favorite books as of late? Please enter me:


+3 Old follower

I would like to win Warbreaker or Pastworld.

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Yay, a giveway!

+3 Old follower
+4 link on sidebar at



Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

By the way, Glad you're back!

marky said...

US and Canada only

Krista said...

Sorry Marky If I had the money for shipping there's no doubt it'd be world wide!

Anonymous said...

What awesome those covers!

Kristen said...

Old follower! I would love a copy of Pastworld by Ian Beck to read.

bookmagic said...

Pastworld looks great, love the cover.
I'm very old, old ancient follower,lol

you are the light of the world said...

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mindy said...

the naming would be my first choice, but since i have not had the pleasure of reading any of them, i would really be happy with anything

minsthins at optonline dot net

Deedles said...

I'd love Warbreaker. But any would be fine as they are all new to me.

Angela C said...

I would love to read pastworld.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I am a new follower and I would LOVE to be entered for Pastword. That book sounds amazing.

Also, I tweeted:

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Tynga said...

Good luck on your first giveaway!
Be careful it's addictive *winks*

Krista said...

Tynga, Thanks! I'm excited to see who wins, myself! :)

Tracie Yule said...

The Naming would definitely be my first choice.

I followed and tweeted!

Melissa (My World) said...

Okay, sorry I didn't post sooner. I was having troubles the other night with my comments and I had to think on which book I wanted. The truth be told, I still don't know which book I want. They both look really good. As you know I have Warbreaker & Lamentation (Both AWESOME Books) I am not sure if I want The Naming or Pastworld. They both look so good. Can you help me out if I win or do I have to choose now? Thanks!

I am an old follower, +3
I have a link on my side bar for you as well. +4
(I am going to try to tweet it for you tomorrow as well.)

thetruebookaddict said...

Here I am! I got your DM on Twitter. So, how did the move go? Liking your new digs? Anyway, awesome contest!

My first choice is The Naming
2nd choice Warbreaker (just in case!)

+3 Old follower (of course!)

+4 on my right sidebar in giveaway section

not sure if you're giving 4 more for a link on Twitter, but I did it anyway!


Thanks girl for the great giveaway =o)

Okie said...

Very cool...I'd love to win a copy of Pastworld. Count me in. :)

Thanks for a great contest.

Lori said...

Great idea, Krista!

I am an old follower and providing a link to your contest on the sidebar of my blog.

I would love to win "Pastworld".

Thanks for the opportunity!

- Lori (

alexandrea said...

Warbreaker interests me most!
I used to be a sci fi/fantasy fiend when I was younger but I have been in a rut for years now in other genres and have just started reading more fun stuff like that again. Thank you for the giveaway!


celi.a said...

I'd love to win either Warbreaker or Pastworld. Thanks!

+4 for linking to my blog sidebar


Marjorie said...

Pastworld sounds really good to me
I am a follower.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Sheila said...

Please enter me.
I would love to win Lamentation, or The Naming.
I am a new follower for +2.

Thank you.
ludeluh at yahoo dot com

Renee G said...

I would love to have a copy of The Naming.


Chelsea S said...

I would love to win The Naming (my first choice) or PastWorld (my second choice.) Thanks for the great giveaway!

+2 New Follower


-- Chelsea

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Yay Krista :)

Count me in for Warbreaker!

+3 for being an olddie :)


Anonymous said...

I would love to win Warbreaker.

carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

Marjorie said...

I would like to win Past World,
I am a follower.

mrjrroy96 at gmail dot com

Froggy said...

I would love to win all of them! They all sound great! LOL If i have to pick one please put me down for Past World.

+3 Old followers
+4 Linking this contest

A Blog with Bite!

Julie said...

New follower.
Pastworld by Ian Beck please :)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

New Follower.
I've read all but Pastworld and own both Warbreaker and The Naming. Um, I'd really like to own Lamentation though. Can't wait for Canticle, out this month.

Mishia said...

I'd love to read Warbreaker.
I'm a new follower as well.

Paula said...

Please enter me in the contest for The Naming.


Molly C. said...

The Naming looks really interesting, even though I haven't read the previous ones. lol

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Warbreaker please!
I follow for a while
I blogged about this
Thanks Krista! You have great taste in books.
layersofthought at gmail dot com

Mitz said...

Would love to have Ian Beek Pastworld


on my blog at

Andrea [Buried In Books] said...

I love the cover for Warbreaker!

+2 new follower
+4 sidebar []


Nickolay said...

Pastworld sounds like a great book


robin_titan said...

Pastworld sounds and looks incredible! :)


+2 New follower
+4 posted on sidebar under giveaways here

Cherie J said...

Please enter me for The Naming. Thank you!


+2 New Follower

Paradox said...

I'd like to win Warbreaker!

Extra Entries:
+3 Old followers
+4 Linking this contest to sidebar, Twitter, blog post. (Include links please!) -

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Krista said...

Contest is over and the winners have been chosen! YAY!

Alexa said...

I'd love to win Pastworld!
+3 old follower
+4 sidebar: